Video: Pathologist Alan MacDonald Addresses Important Lyme Questions

If you’re like me, you want to know the latest scoop on what scientists are learning about Lyme disease. In this May 2013 interview we hear again from pathologist Alan MacDonald. (This interview is part 2 of a 3-part series, see the first one here). I’ve noted some key points you can jump to if you don’t have time to view the entire interview.

Dr MacDonald gives in-depth explanations, making complex science easy to understand by using everyday analogies:

  • How do Lyme bacteria hide with such stunning success from the immune system? (2:28)
  • What is biofilm? (3:32)
  • Do Lyme bacteria create biofilm? (13:34)
  • How does a tick transmit Lyme and coinfections? (9:27)
  • How many strains of Lyme bacteria (Borrelia) have scientists found so far—and what does that mean for testing? (20:01)
  • How many strains of babesiosis have scientists identified in the U.S.? (25:02)

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