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5 Gift Ideas for Someone With Lyme

Notes and notepads: I can never have too many.

My all-time favorite gift to receive at holidays—or any time—has always been a vase full of colorful, fragrant flowers. But lately, I have to admit that practical gifts can really make a difference for someone under the weather with lyme.

Here are some ideas:

  1. notes, note pads, and colorful pens for creating reminders
  2. massage gift certificate to relieve stress and pain
  3. gluten-free treats or carry-out gift certificates for easy snacks/meals
  4. maid service for a morning of heavy cleaning
  5. a magazine subscription for those long hours when activity isn’t possible.

Please share your favorites in the comments section below.

Lyme: Lessons Learned

Taking care of yourself isn’t, well, rocket science…
[Dr. Robert Goddard. Credit: NASA on Flickr/The Commons]

I’ve had the misfortune of getting re-infected just as I was pulling out of two-plus years during which I was largely sidelined by lyme and other tick-borne infections. There’s a bit of good news, however. I learned a few things the first time around, and I’m doing things differently.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned. Maybe you can benefit by taking them to heart now, instead of learning the hard way like I did over time and missing out on benefits you could have enjoyed much, much sooner. Continue reading