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Portrait of a Love Triangle

Made by Courtney, age 2.

Made by Courtney, age 2.




I lost a relationship to Lyme. As I’ve learned since, Lyme has ruined many relationships and marriages.

The year we met was wonderful. He was smart, funny, sweet, and kind. Best of all, he said “yes” to everything, from new foods to foreign films to travel. He taught me about sailing; I shared my love of cycling. Over a couple of years we grew close.

Then came the beginning of the end of us. When he won tickets to Paris and we arrived full of plans to explore La Ville Lumière, suddenly I was so tired that I didn’t couldn’t keep up. My customary joi de vivre was flagging along with my body. We thought it was jet lag or flu.  Continue reading

10 Quotes on Life and Love for Those Tough Lyme Days

: Plenty of life and love. Photo: LifeLoveLyme

Granddaughter, grandmother: generations of life and love.
Photo: LifeLoveLyme

On days like today when I’m feeling too sick to write—well, that’s when I most need encouragement from the words of others. Here are some quotes that really speak to me; be sure to click on the links to read a little about these inspiring women and men.

1. Where there is love, there is life. Mahatma Gandhi

2. Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live. Dorothy Thomson

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