What Lyme Teaches


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Recently, I logged on and saw a posting on my Yahoo lyme support group from Rebecca of Hampton, Virginia. She had written a list that touched us all, and I’d like to share her thoughts with you.

I am learning…

To chill out.

To love myself not just on good days, but bad days, too.

To reach out to others.

To let go of my need to control.

That friends are treasures.

That hugs, kisses, and a little together time in a family go a long way.


That it’s OK to not be OK sometimes.

That I’m never alone.

That every moment of every day is a gift.

That none of us deserve this and we matter in a very special way.

That this disease is ugly—but I’m not.

That a kind gesture heals hearts, bodies, and minds.

That being honest with myself and others makes healing much easier.

That my bed is really comfortable and warm fuzzy socks are great.

That when my body has a hard time going, I always have my heart.

That we are united by commonality and there are others that need us.


That perserverence is a gift.

That hope is contagious.

That faith is miraculous.

That I have a super hubby.


That my kids are really, really special and the greatest gifts ever.

That when my kids don’t act really “special” I can take their time-out.

That a bad moment can be left behind immediately.

To not look back, and to not look too far ahead.

That a good doctor makes a world of difference.


That I don’t know everything and I don’t have to either— LOL.

That when I want to try and know everything… there’s an “off” button.

That if I forget all this in a few minutes… it will come back 🙂

That you guys are the best and it’s nice to have people like you!!!

So keep surfing the internet for info and like-minded folks, “Like” lyme pages on FaceBook, and see Yahoo Groups to find or create a support group in your area. And by all means, please add your own thoughts to this list in the comments section.

Because we really are all in this together, and it is true that there is shared strength in our numbers.

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