Video: “Facts to Save Your Life” by Gabbi Hicks

Look at this young woman. She looks pretty fine, doesn’t she?

Now listen to her words. Really listen. (Well, it’s kinda hard not to, she’s so compelling). 

Gabbi Hicks has made this powerful video for the Lyme Disease Challenge, which is spreading the word about Lyme disease by asking people to take a photo or video of themselves “taking a bite out of Lyme” (a lime) and sharing a fact — or ten — to help correct and update all the misinformation floating around out there. And to raise money for research through the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society(ILADS).

Remember that she’s speaking of a horrible experience shared by as yet untold numbers of people around the globe. (Testing isn’t reliable so far, though researchers are racing to improve on what’s out there).

Just around here in Northern Virginia where I live, I know of dozens and dozens of families trying to cope with this epidemic. Kids unable to go to school. Parents unable to go to work because they have to care for their sick child, or because they are too sick themselves.

So if you know someone with Lyme, support them even if you can’t “see” their suffering all the time.

And if you don’t have Lyme yourself, please please please start to learn about prevention.

  • This video and the challenge should go viral to raise awareness! SHARE!
  • To join the Lyme Challenge, grab a lime, then click here to post your photo and one accurate Lyme statement from their list:

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